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Barcelona Marine Farm 

in the aquarium business since 1996

Barcelona Marine Farm

Barcelona Marine Farm 

Barcelona Marine Farm S.L. founded in 1996 is the owner of the Blau Aquaristic brand dedicated to aquariums and their accessories. It started as an importer of fish, corals and marine invertebrates, but over time it has focused on the design and production of aquariums and related products.

BLAU AQUARISTIC products are manufactured with the best materials, using proprietary designs that are practical, efficient and functional. 

What can we do for your business?

Aquatic consulting

We have the knowledge and experience to help companies and stores to develop their aquarium project.

Barcelona Marine Farm
Barcelona Marine Farm
Design, development and production of aquarium accessories.

We can design your product and manufacture it from the product itself to the packaging, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Production and distribution

... and naturally, we are distributors and wholesalers of our brand Blau Aquaristic.

Blau Aquaristic

More than 25 years in the aquarium business

April 1996

Paracanthurus hepatus

Starting as an import-export business for fish, invertebrates and marine corals.

With a serious quarantine work, and respectful with the environment, in a short time we became a benchmark in the distribution of tropical marine life, having as clients public aquariums, wholesalers and distributors from Spain, Portugal and France.

March 1997


Start of distribution of Salifert products in Spain

In 1997 we were chosen by Habib Sekha, CEO of Salifert, to distribute their products in Spain, which allowed us to enter the business of distributing accessories for aquariums..

October 2018

Barcelona Marine Farm S.L.

New facilities

As a result of the success of a job well done, we had to open new facilities for fish and corals, reaching a total volume of 60,000 liters.

 April 2001


Starting AZOO distribution

In the spring of 2001 we were chosen by the Taiwanese company Taikong for the distribution of their AZOO products in Spain. At that time, AZOO products were among the most popular in Asia and in many cases they were ahead of their time, Nano-aquariums, shrimp fish aquariums, paludariums, etc. were already present in their catalogs.

September 2005

Blau Aquaristic Interzoo

The Blau Aquaristic Brand is born

With the accumulated experience in the distribution of products we decided to create our own brand looking for the best partners to implement our designs. At Interzoo 2006, we exhibited our brand for the first time at an international fair.

September 2010

Amphiprion ocellaris

Closure of the live animals department

In 2010, after a continuous growth of the Blau Aquaristic products, we decided to concentrate all our efforts on the creation and production of new products and to finish the commercialization of live animals.


MKS Skimmer

Europe-wide distribution

Now, Blau Aquaristic brand is present throughout Europe, we continue to bring new products to the market and collaborate with other brands for the development and production of their products

Blau Aquaristic's Univers


The global IoT aquarium project


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Head Office:
Escornalbou, 5-7 Baixos                  08041 Barcelona   
Catalonia - Spain

Main Warehouse:
Moguda, 66-68 Nau 9
Pol. Industrial Can Salvatella
08210 Barberà del Vallés 


Email:  Phone: +34 934354775